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September 10, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Work, travel and pinterest


I’m back in Stockholm again after six months. And I most say, Stockholm feels like the best city in the world right now and Sweden is lovely this time of the year. The weather is crisp, there are mushrooms in the forrest and lots of lovely produce at the market.

I’ve been completely swamped with work since I got back, so haven’t been able to make any new recipes for you guys. I’m going to Tuscany for a my best friends wedding this weekend and then a couple of days to Valbonne in south of France.  And I don’t think there could be any better place to go for some new inspiration. so I promise that I’ll make some new recipes while I’m there.

For some classic food porn while you wait, I recommend my Pinterest. Or check out my favorite blogs, links are to the right.


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