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May 4, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Coconut prawn soup

Autumn has arrived here in Melbourne, which feels totally up side down for me being from Sweden, where people are getting ready for spring and summer. I’m trying to trick my self into loving winter with warm and hearty cooking, I made pumpkin soup yesterday, which was delish (recipe will be up soon). But here comes a recipe that works just as a well for a spring night as an autumn one. Even though I’ve got to admit, spring beats autumn any day of the week.

You should avoid eating tiger prawns or any prawn caught in Asia. So for this dish I used Australian wild caught prawns, which I believe are OK. So please use shrimps instead if you can’t find any environmentally friendly prawns, or scallops will actually work really well to, just fry them instead of cooking them in the soup and add them just before serving.

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May 2, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

No bake raspberry tart

I’ve been to Hong Kong for work, what a great city, such a mesmerizing mix between east and west. But this post is not about Hong Kong it’s about a lovely little tart. Before I left, I went berry picking again and fortunately got a bit luckier this time. Ended up picking 3 kg of raspberries, yep got a bit obsessed. So except from having raspberries for breakfast everyday, I made raspberry fools, jam and this lovely little no bake tart. This is a great recipe and you can vary it in so many ways, skip the passion fruit, or the berries or swop the lemon curd for any other curd or jam. Basically it’s the perfect little thing.

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April 18, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Fried stuff

I was browsing on pinterest, something that I find myself doing ever so often. If you don´t have pinterest, get it! It such a fun and smart thing. But I warn you it‘s very addictive. If you want an invite, post your email in the comments and I´ll send you one. As I was browsing the food posts, I found a couple delicious ones with cauliflower. I love cauliflower and have it for lunch once almost every week, usually just boiled with fried bacon and a boiled egg (try it it’s a great combo!). So, inspired by a couple of pictures of deep-fried cauliflower, I decided to try my own version. And it was delicious, such a great pre-dinner snack and very easy to make. I know deep-frying can be a bit intimidating, but just have a lid close and some extra oil and you’ll be fine.

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April 2, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Rhubarb meringue pie

Two weeks ago we went to Johanna, a beautiful beach with a lush little camping spot just next to the beach. What we though was a hidden gem, only known to surfers since it’s a really good surf spot. But when we got there late saturday, filled with hope and excitement, we’ve been wanting to go quite a while, only to discover that our little  secret spot was not so secret. It’s was packed and so much bigger that what we though last time we where there. It could be described as a mix between a music festival (without the music) and caravan park (without the amenities).  There was literally no space to camp, but finally we found a little spot cramped in between a bus and the road. The next disappointment was the realization of the fact that we couldn’t get the tent up. So to sum up, it was a disaster and we left early next morning.

Anyways, after some super tasty fish and chips at the beach in Lorne, we stopped at a berry farm on our way back to town. Unfortunately our bad luck wasn’t over and there was no berries, but I picked some rhubarb and apples and made this lovely pie when we got back. A sweet ending to our weekend.

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March 22, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Melbourne life

I’ve moved to Melbourne. Yep, I’m gonna live here for a few of months. Such a cool city! Anyways, here’s a couple of pics of what I’ve been up to the last month. Oh and  I made Rhubarb pie this weekend, recipe will be up soon.

 So since I moved here I have..

..walked around in my new neighborhood, discovering cute little houses,

been running along the Yarra river,

been to an outdoor cinema and seen Goodfellas,

where they had a nice little hot dog stand,

been to Vic markets and bought lots of fruits,

made rhubarb pie..

planted a small veggie garden and watched it grow (feels a little like magic by the way),

and yesterday I went to Brighton Beach.

Think that was about all for now.


February 7, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Crazy in the coconut

I never cared much for coconut, thought it was strangely sweet with a weird taste. But sometime last year, something changed. I think it all began somewhere in Costa Rica. I was hanging out on the beach and a friend bought a fresh coconut from a random guy walking by. He cut it up with his pocket knife and offered half of it to me. The white coconut flesh looked to tempting to resist so I tried a bit. I don’t know if it was the setting, late afternoon, swinging in an hammock while a guy was singing (falsely in pretend swedish) and playing guitar for me. Or if it was the actual coconut. But ever since then my relationship with the coconut has evolved into some kind of obsession. This weekend for example, I had coconut yoghurt with fruit and roasted coconut shaves for breakfast. Saturday evening I had some friends over and for dessert I made fruit and coconut trifle. And to finish the hole coconut feast off, I made these coconut cookies for my cousins who where over for a late lunch on Sunday..

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February 1, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

G’day mate!

I was in Australia in December, it was my first time over there and I was amazed by all the great food and fresh produce they had. Was on a road trip so we stopped at a lot of gas stations and road side cafés and everywhere they had pies. Felt like I had at least one a day. So when I stared in to my fridge yesterday and saw puff pastry, chicken, veggies and cream, I thought it was time for me to try to make my own kind of  Aussie Pie..

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January 29, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Taco time!

I love tacos! Meat tacos, fish tacos, pulled pork tacos, you name it. I love them. Anyways, made these ones for my parents a while back. Instead of using tortillas I made them with lettuce leaves, super tasty and no carbs, if you’re in to that.

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January 17, 2012 / Easy Peasy food


Planning for a shoot I have next week. Think that I’ll go for some kind of rustic feeling with a mix of blue.

January 11, 2012 / Easy Peasy food

Very berry trifle

Made this for a dinner party a while back. Actually, when come to think about it, it was for my b-day (which is in June by the way). Anyhow, let’s just say it was highly appreciated.

As always, this is no rocket science. You simply need put great stuff together in a glass bowl and you got it.

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